Introduction to Working with Data in CUBA
Overview on how to read and write data in a CUBA application
Create Business Logic in CUBA
Guide on what options are available for putting business logic into a CUBA application
Decouple Business Logic with Application Events
Overview on how application events can be used in a CUBA application to decouple business logic
Logging in CUBA Applications
Guide on why and how to use logging in a CUBA application in order to get insights
Data Modelling: Many-to-Many Association
Data modelling guide: what are Many-to-Many associations and when to use them
Data Modelling: Entity Inheritance
Data Modelling guide: How entity inheritance can be used in a CUBA application
Data Modelling: Composition
Data modelling guide: What are Compositions and when to use them over Associations
Initial Values for Entity Instances
This guide demonstrates different options on how initial values can be set for an entity
Localization in CUBA applications
In this guide the localization features of a CUBA application are explained
Working with Images in CUBA applications
In this guide several ways will be explored on how to interact with images in a CUBA application
Anonymous Access & Social Login
In this guide the anonymous access feature and social login implementation are explained
Introduction to Report and Document generation
In this guide, we introduce the Reporting add-on and ways to interact with it through the UI and programmatically
Middleware Integration Testing in CUBA applications
Testing Guide: Middleware integration testing of a CUBA application
Unit Testing in CUBA applications
In this guide you will learn how automated testing in a CUBA application works. In particular this guide deals with the question of how unit tests can be executed and when it makes sense to use them over integration testing.