This page contains a short video tutorial demonstrating the main steps of the Quick Start section of the Developer's Guide. We recommend downloading CUBA Studio and following the steps described in the tutorials yourself for the most efficient learning.

Part 1

  • Creating a project
  • Creating the Customer entity
  • Creating entity browser and editor screens
  • Building and running the application

Part 2

  • Creating the linked Order entity and its screens
  • CUBA Views explanation
  • Data Components introduction
  • Displaying the list of orders in the customer editor screen

Part 3

  • Creating the Product and Order line entities
  • Displaying and editing order lines in the order window
  • Calculating the order amount based on the price and quantity of products in the order lines

For further information about the platform, refer to the following sections:

  • Documentation. A full collection of platform-related manuals.
  • Tutorials are videos that demonstrate various platform capabilities and aspects of development.
  • Sampler. A live demo application demonstrating visual components with code snippets, showing their usage.
  • Sample projects. A collection of useful samples, which can be opened directly from Studio interface.
  • Full-scale CUBA application: Step by Step Guide. An advanced tutorial.
  • Guides. Comprehensive articles about CUBA Platform specifics (version 7.0+).