A full stack Java framework and components for business applications

CUBA is the best choice to build backoffice applications as well as comprehensive and scalable backend for public Internet services and mobile apps.
Latest Releases
  • Proven Architecture

    CUBA provides modular and scalable multi-tier architecture on top of mainstream frameworks, designed to work in any popular environment. Generic UI module boosts development of backoffice interfaces.
  • Rich Ecosystem

    Non-functional requirements is the hidden part of a business application iceberg, which can make proper automation of even a simple business task daunting. CUBA Add-ons enable common features like data access control, users management, admin tools, reporting or BPM virtually with a mouse click.
  • Productive Tools

    Awesome development tools provide a short track into the CUBA ecosystem and keep developers out of boring routine by extensive scaffolding and convenient visual designers. Smart prompts and intuitive code navigation bring ultimate comfort to the development process.