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Sampler contains over 150 examples of using CUBA visual components and containers. Each example includes source code, description and links to documentation.

Includes Charts and Maps Add-on demo.

Run Sampler

Taxi Company Dashboard

Dashboard application demonstrates CSS responsive design for phones, tablets and desktops. You can open this application on your desktop or mobile device and see how the screen with table, map and charts adapts for the display size.

Responsive screens of the dashboard are implemented using the new CssLayout component.

Run Dashboard

Library Application

Library is a simple demo CUBA platform application running in read-only mode.

Includes Full-text Search and Reporting Add-ons demo.

Run Library Application

CUBA Studio

The link opens a read-only CUBA Studio instance, where you can open the "Library" application project and examine its source code.

Click "Open project", select the "Library" project in the display window, and click "Open".

Run CUBA Studio

You can easily run the Library application with full access mode by downloading Studio and opening the "Library" example in the Samples section of the initial screen.