The information on this page relates to CUBA Studio 6.10 and below.

CUBA Studio 7.0 and up has acquired a different licensing policy:

  • There is no limit for a number of entities;
  • Premium add-ons for CUBA Platform v7+ are now open source. Addons for previous versions are still distributed under the old license;
  • Visual development tools such as screen and data model designers are now included into commercial subscription, while functionality related to working with code is free. Commercial features of Studio 7 are available as a free trial until June 1, 2019. The trial is issued automatically after the first launch.

CUBA Studio

CUBA Studio is available in free and commercial editions. The free version of CUBA Studio is a fully functional web development tool, but it limits the size of the application’s data model. It is ideal to bootstrap a project and explore platform features. Further development may be continued free of any charges purely in a Java IDE like IntelliJ IDEA Community edition or Eclipse. Alternatively, this limitation may be removed by purchasing a commercial license subscription, which also includes access to Premium Add-ons.

We recommend using the free IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition IDE for development.

Feature Free Commercial
WYSIWYG screen layout design
Two-way integration with popular Java IDEs
Hot (re)deploy
Custom UI components integration
One click cloud deployment
Easy migration to new versions of CUBA Platform and Add-ons
A collection of sample projects with source code
Scaffolding and code generation
Project files and build scripts
Data model and database schema
Default CRUD screens with various layout options
Stubs for services, listeners, event handlers, etc
Screens and data model on top of an existing (legacy) database
Application data model size Up to 10 entities   Unlimited
Premium Add-ons - All add-ons are included
Price Free $389 per year     
Download Free Studio Buy Commercial Subscription

After the commercial subscription expires:

— you can continue using versions of Add-ons you downloaded during the subscription

— Studio reverts to free edition mode

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or contact us.

IDE Plugin

The CUBA IDE Plugin is free and can be installed for IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse. While Studio is mainly focused on the “no code” part of your project, the plugin adds convenient features for working with code.

Key features include:

  • integration of Java IDE with CUBA Studio
  • navigation between screen descriptor, controller and data model components
  • advanced injections, including screen components, actions, services, data sources, CUBA infrastructure beans and services
  • CUBA-specific code generation and refactoring
  • hot deploy of individual source code files
  • localized messages creation and selection in components

*The Eclipse plugin is limited and supports only a subset of features of the IntelliJ IDEA plugin at the moment.