Gary Brooks
CTO, Agile Network Systems Ltd., UK

The CUBA Platform is a stunning collaboration of best in class open source components, glued together with clever Haulmont developed libraries. The CUBA Studio IDE, when paired with IntelliJ Idea provides a development environment that is powerful and a genuine pleasure to work with.

The platform’s open-source components are widely adopted in the market so development resourcing isn’t a problem, it’s a true ‘RAD’ environment enabling quick prototyping and ‘quick win’ scenarios and fully supports... more

Mario David
Software Developer, BALVI GmbH, Germany

Using CUBA Platform feels like rushing down the fast lane while still being always under control.
It boils down to focusing on the problems we should really care about as application developers: the problems of the business. The creators of CUBA made this goal achievable while still allowing developers to open up the platform seams if necessary. Great work!

José Alberto Sanchez Nieto
CIO, Hiper Usera, S.L., Spain

With CUBA Platform we found the development tool we were looking for. We always liked the security and robustness of Java, just needed to find a framework that would automate repetitive business tasks, with Cuba we found it. Another thing we like is the willingness of developers to incorporate the product proposals and improvements. If they continue like this, I have no doubt that CUBA will become a winning tool, even more than it already is.

Francis Nzeutem
Chief Workflow Officer, Juju Consulting Group, USA


Or the case for getting CUBA Enterprise support

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me. You had or have a great idea for a software. You have some programming skills and you need what to be built. So your first instinct is to plunge right in and... more

Kjell Dirdal
System Developer, NOMAC AS, Norway

I came across CUBA Platform by chance on the website of AlternativeTo, thought it might be an idea to try out CUBA Platform. I have long been looking for an enterprise system that would be web based and which maybe could be a successor to Lotus Notes as the company I work for has today.

Experiences I have at present with CUBA Platform is very positive. CUBA Platform has the potential to allow beginners start with easy construction of a system... more

Ivan Martinez
General Director, Grup Imatica, Spain

Hello friends!

Almost four months ago I started doing work with CUBA. For me it is an incredible platform. I have been programming .NET, my knowledge of Java was null, and Microsoft Lightswitch and Visual Studio were my only tools.

As you may know, Microsoft Lightswitch was (and I say WAS because Microsoft killed it) a language for LOB applications-oriented companies, allowing you to develop applications very simple and in record time. more

Simon Lewis
Senior Technologist, Pursuit Projects Limited, UK

There are many pretenders for a suitable application generation framework but few reduce the effort needed to deliver a working application. The CUBA Platform does and provides enough out-of-the-box capability to be truly productive. The architecture suits a continuous-integration ‘DevOps' strategy. The inclusion of components such as row-level security, BPM, self-service reporting and full text search is significant and provide enterprise-class features without heavy lifting.

Sandor Dobi
Owner, Codewizards kft, Hungary

I just downloaded the Studio and must say I am very impressed. Last time i was so impressed when I was in Delphi 1.0 announcement conference.

I think CUBA IS or it is very close, what we need in Java world for Enterprise apps.

Mortoza Khan
CEO, Inteacc Softech Solutions, Canada and Bangladesh

I wanted to express my deep appreciation that the framework you guys have developed is so productive and developer friendly that it is not enough saying "Excellent"! It is such a handy tool that it can speed up to minutes transforming an idea or a business need into an application. No more separate efforts for prototyping and development - prototype is good enough to take to the development lab to finish.

The framework has so much built-in features to offer that I believe it can save hours or days to most of the developers / teams, and these features work just fine without any configuration. At the same time, you have the option to modify and tailor functionality to your needs without limits. more

Alejandro Rapoport
Senior Developer, Argentina

I've been playing with CUBA for the last 3 weeks and it made me love Java web programming again. It is wonderful to focus just on the business side of your web app and get an enterprise-level product with minimal effort.

It's so impressive that I licensed Studio for a personal project. I don't know if this project will succeed, but I'm pretty sure that it will be a total disaster without CUBA.

Thanks and keep it growing!

Xander van der Merwe
CEO, MH Interactive Ltd, New Zealand

I have spent quite a bit of time with CUBA over the last couple of weeks and the platform is amazing. If one can get past the fact that is a Java based platform (for us coming from a .NET world) then it is a no brainer decision to go with it.

The speed with which you can develop scalable enterprise quality applications is quite something... more

Alexey Abdullaev
Head of IT department, LLC TACOM (Beeline TM)

I’ve been comparing several solutions for our internal processes optimization, such as requests for IT-services, incidents registration and processing, budget management. In all cases the main peculiarity was the automated workflow setup; I’ll be honest to agree that in most cases an automated process setup in various solutions is the same, but in CUBA the flow building is set in some way easier, than in other solutions. The thing I can say for sure is that the process setup in CUBA is many times simpler and more convenient than the similar process setting in MS Sharepoint... more

Eric Samstad, M.D.
Director, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, USA

I can hardly say too much about how helpful CUBA Platform and Studio have been in my work. The software has allowed me to write an easy-to-use and flexible application for tracking patient data within our clinic rapidly and effectively, despite my being a psychiatrist rather than programmer by training. CUBA has eliminated or simplified much of the complexity of Java SE and EE, allowing me to focus on my application logic, and the Studio has made coding and database operations a pleasure. Moreover, I have been pleasantly surprised by the stability of the package: glitches and crashes are essentially non-existent. And, the support team has been highly responsive in answering my online questions - even my most naïve ones... more

Maksim Boikov
Head of Workshop Project, GASKAR GROUP, Russia

Your framework rocks!
We’ve figured it out, and now get the most of it.
We’ve achieved high work-speed, now we make new products faster than the customers show up!

At the end of April, we got a request to develop a service for traffic accidents registration and processing. It’s a great idea and an interesting customer, who wants to simplify the procedure of such an unpleasant case as a traffic accident... more