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Europe, May 3, 09:00 UTC
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Americas, May 4, 17:00 UTC +00:00
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This webinar demonstrates CUBA Studio and CUBA Plugin for Intellij Idea - the specialized development tools for CUBA Platform. It will help to improve your productivity while developing CUBA applications.

  • Setting up a new project with CUBA Studio
  • Auto generating CRUD UI
  • IDE integration
  • Hot deploy
  • Intellij Idea Plugin Tips and Tricks
  • Useful Gradle tasks

40 min


Beginner. No framework experience required.



Konstantin Krivopustov

CTO, CUBA Platform

Konstantin has been the architect and team lead of CUBA Platform since its start. Apart of overall architecture, his focus is modularity, extensibility and back-end features.


Yuriy Artamonov

Lead Developer, CUBA Platform

For the last few years Yuriy has played an integral role in the CUBA Platform development team and contributed a lot to the platform architecture design, specializing in front end technologies. As part of his academic activities, Yuriy is mentoring applied math students from the Samara University.


Vlad Minaev

Lead Developer, CUBA Platform

Vlad has been working at Haulmont as a full-stack developer since 2010. He joined the CUBA team recently to develop the new mobile-friendly front-end client based on the Polymer library.


Gleb Gorelov

Senior Developer, CUBA Platform

Gleb specializes mainly on UI components and front-end features. Before joining the team, he used to be a university teacher at Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics.