UploadField disabled Cuba 7.2.4 + multitenant 2.0.2


I’m using Cuba 7.2.4 & multitenancy plugin 2.0.2

I want to upload a file from an Entity Edit Screen. This entity inherits from StandardTenantEntity

My “upload” button is still disabled.
I don’t know if its a bug or if I badly configure the rolesupload.zip (937.4 KB) . Help is welcome :wink:

Cf attached reproducer project

  • user : admin/admin
  • user : user1/user1 ==> tenant 1.
  • menu : application / NewEntity Browse

Some informations

Guillaume LUNDY

Hi @guillaume.lundy,

It can be related to new security model presented in CUBA 7.2. Please add access to FileDescriptor entity for your user roles.