Hands-on course led by the core platform team developers

Training facilitates a deep dive into framework features and shifts your team productivity
Training features
Online or on site

Online or on site

Task completion

The instructor guides through the course and ensures successful task completion

Examination and Certification

Examination and certification


Up to 15 participants for offline course and up to 7 for online

30% of the course

Up to 30% of the course can be fine tuned to your project

Instant feedback from instructor

Instant feedback from instructor

Course program

Depending on the package, the training course consists of 20 or 40 hours of theory and practice.
The course is intended to address your particular needs and is ready to be customized.

  • Platform overview

    Working with data, Customization, Extending platform functionality, Premium Add-ons, Deployment options

  • Background technologies basics

    Vaadin, Spring, JPA, Polymer, Build tools (Gradle)

  • Productivity cheat sheet

  • Topics of your choice

    (should be provided in advance)




Yuriy Artamonov

Lead Developer, CUBA Platform

In recent years, Yuriy has been playing an integral role in the CUBA Platform development team and contributed a lot to the platform architecture design, specializing in front-end technologies. As part of his academic activities, Yuriy is mentoring applied math students from the Samara University.


Gleb Gorelov

Senior Developer, CUBA Platform

Gleb specializes mainly on UI components and front-end features. Before joining the team, he used to be a university teacher at Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics.

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