CUBA developers can rely on our support at all stages: right from the project start to post-production

Depending on project phase, time constraints and budget we highlight three support levels

Free support      Development stage support      Production stage support

Free support

All CUBA developers are backed by free forum and there are loads of knowledge there already.
We always try to answer each new question fast but the speed heavily depends on staff availability and difficulty of the question. Many questions are also answered by fellow community members.

Best fit: Single and part-time developers, early stage IT-companies, startups

Project types: PoC, MVP, non-commercial, study, hobby projects

Stage: Development
Commercial support

Commercial projects require faster response time to ensure uninterrupted development process. This is why we offer consulting over a private forum category. Naturally, commercial consultancy requests receive priority over forum questions.

We benefit your project in many ways, including:
  • Implementing custom platform features for your project
  • Help with architecture design
  • General consulting on using platform features
  • Code review
  • Direct communications with the core CUBA Platform developers
  • Priority over free support
  • Minimum purchase is just three hours
Best fit: IT companies, corporate IT departments, funded startups

Project types: Commercial or internal projects aimed at production use

Stage: Development

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Production stage

After the project goes live, it is important to minimize risks and resolve issues as soon as possible.
Our support service provides guaranteed response time, bug fixes and legal protection so you can roll out your solution with confidence.

Best fit: IT companies, corporate IT departments, software vendors

Project types: Commercial or internal projects

Stage: Production use

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