Several (mostly cosmetic, but very annoying) bugs in Studio

As @andreyvb reported in another thread:

Yes; I have this happen constantly. I’ll have the controller and descriptor both open for multiple screens as well as several entities and such; basically what you’d expect as a normal workflow. Switch back to the descriptor which was in designer mode…and the screen is blank. What I do is close the descriptor tab, switch to the controller’s tab, hit the descriptor button to re-open the descriptor and it’s all fine. Just a little annoying.

Also, the new buttons over on the top right that allow you to switch from designer to XML and such…they disappear pretty often. To fix, just close and reopen the descriptor.

These bugs are cosmetic but definitely cause a little slowdown in one’s work.

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Hi @jon.craig!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce these problems. What operating system and IDEA version are you using? Could you attach a screenshot with a blank screen?

@zlatoverov - the version that comes with the install of the latest Studio (help->about says CUBA Studio 2019.2 IntelliJ Edition).

I’ll get a screenshot when it happens again. It doesn’t happen “all the time,” but definitely often enough.

At a minimum, I will add logging for this part of the functionality. I will be happy with any additional information. What operating system are you using (Windows, OS X, Linux)?

Windows 10, all up to date.

I’m trying to artificially produce either of the problems and haven’t got either of them to happen yet; figures, right? :smiley:

I’ll try to get into a normal workflow and then I’m sure either or both of the problems will happen and I can put up screenshots. (Though they won’t be very interesting - one will be a blank descriptor designer window and the other will be a descriptor designer window with the source/designer/etc buttons missing.)

Also @andreyvb - maybe you can get a screenshot, too?

Victory - here is a screenshot of the “blank designer” problem in action, @zlatoverov. The only way to get it back is to close the tab and reopen it.


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I didn’t see the black square this afternoon.
This situation was yesterday. I checked the CUBA log, but there were no error messages.
I’ll watch. I’ll take a screenshot and study the log when the situation repeats.
I have Windows 10 Pro (17763)

@andreyvb. Do you use a Studio Bundle too? or IDEA plugin?

@zlatoverov plugin on Idea Community 2019.3.2

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I managed to reproduce. The issue will be fixed in the next bug-fix release.

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