Add CUBA Studio to JetBrains Toolbox

Add CUBA Studio to JetBrains Toolbox like this:



It is a good question for JetBrains Toolbox Team. If they see enough demand they would consider including CUBA Studio to the tools list. If you really want to see CUBA Studio there, you could submit a feature request to

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I’m not so sure this is a good idea. I prefer a clear distinction between a JetBrains product, and a third party app.

There is a Android Studio with by Google tip, so it is not the first third-party application.

Yes, I wasn’t too keen on that either.

The toolbox is very useful, but I’m not sure loading it with every third party app that comes along is desirable.

Since Android Studio is a Google product, then it should just be a download. I’d like to think that every app in the toolbox is supported by Jetbrains.

I believe that adding Cuba Studio to JB Toolbox is good thing: apart from convenience of current Cuba users, it also aims to popularize the platform.

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