This is a forum for the communication between CUBA Platform community members. You are most welcome to post your ideas, ask questions, report issues and, of course, help your fellow community members by answering their questions.

We are also monitoring the forum on regular basis and try to provide answers to the questions not yet picked up by the community.

Here are some tips which will help you get the most precise answer:

Be specific

Please define your question clearly. If something is not working as you expect, describe how do you expect it to work.

Provide details and context

Please specify version of the platform and CUBA Studio. Provide logs, screenshots, code snippets. Describe your environment: web browser, operating system and development tools. If you think there is an issue, describe the steps how it can be replicated. If possible, share a test project illustrating it.
This will save our time and help to come back with a useful answer quicker.

Attach files with useful information

Do not flood a topic with all the output of your application. Attach additional information like logs and screenshots as files. It is recommended to use GitHub if you want to share a project. Alternatively you can pack a project to ZIP using the built-in zipProject Gradle task and attach it to a topic.

Use proper formatting

Format your messages, separate paragraphs, highlight important details and use code blocks if you want to share a code example or log output.

Make it relevant to others

The questions relevant to other community members will be answered first. Describe your question in a general way, so that more community members could benefit from the response. Avoid specifics of your project where they are not necessary.

Ask one thing at a time

If you want to ask about two different things, ask two different questions.