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  • Latest Version 7.1.1
  • Updated 2 days ago
  • Supported Version v6.1-7.1
  • License Apache 2.0
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The Reporting add-on enables creating report templates in most popular editors like Microsoft Office and Libre/Open Office and defining data sources at runtime, using CUBA data model, SQL, JPQL or scripts. The add-on supports:

  • Building report templates visually at runtime with a step-by-step wizard
  • Generating reports in DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, HTML or in arbitrary text formats
  • Creating complex XLS(X) reports: multi-tiered reports, reports with data aggregation, crosstab reports
  • Using diagrams and formulas in XLS(X) reports
  • Converting reports in office formats or html to PDF

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