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  • Latest Version 7.1.1
  • Updated 2 days ago
  • Supported Version v6.1-7.1
  • License Apache 2.0
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The Charts component of the add-on provides over 20 types of dynamic charts. Key features:

  • Basic charts: pie chart, bar chart, serial chart, funnel, etc
  • Advanced charts: stock chart, Gantt chart
  • PivotTable with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Support for CUBA data model entities and data sources
  • Access to charts API from XML and server side Java code
  • Incremental chart data updates

Charts are based on the amCharts library. By default they contain a small watermark logo, which may be removed by purchasing a commercial license from amCharts.

The Map component comprises a special UI component that wraps Google Maps, providing:

  • Straightforward embedding in CUBA UI with server-side Java API
  • Support for markers, lines, polygons, circles and heatmaps
  • Overlay editing

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