CUBA Studio commercial subscription offers convenient visual designers, bringing extra productivity and comfort to developers

Jul 09
Studio v.11.0
Data model designer

Abstracts developer from the JPA implementation details and configures:

  • Data model entities, including relations, inheritance, formatting, validation and other properties
  • Object graphs to be extracted from the database for different screens and business logic
  • Localized messages
WYSIWYG screens designer
  • An extendable palette of visual and non-visual CUBA components
  • Visual configuration of components properties and event handlers
  • Visual theme variables editing
  • Visual menu design
  • Drag & drop screens layout design
All designers are fully synchronized with source code, so no matter where you make the changes they will be properly displayed.
License & Prices

The subscription is licensed per developer and is only required for development time, there are no restrictions on the applications you create. We offer affordable pricing so the fees are quickly returned by the amount of hours, saved by developers:

3 month
per developer
1 year
per developer
3 years
per developer
5-10 developers
volume discount
10-20 developers
volume discount
20+ developers
volume discount

A free 30 days trial of the commercial subscription
is offered automatically when you first open a CUBA project in Studio.

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Note: Older versions of CUBA Studio (6 and below) are licensed on different terms.