CUBA Studio licensing

Starting from version 7, CUBA Studio has acquired a different licensing policy.
Studio 6.10 and belowStudio 7.0+
Projects with 10+ entitiesSupported in the commercial subscriptionFree
Premium Add-ons: Reporting, BPM, Charts and Maps, FTS, BIIncluded in the commercial subscriptionFree
Visual development toolsFreeIncluded in the commercial subscription
How to get the commercial version?Purchase in StoreDownload and get a one-month trial.
We recommend starting new projects with the latest version of CUBA Studio. You will get a one-month trial of the commercial subscription after the first launch of CUBA Studio.
DOWNLOAD If you need a previous version, proceed to theAll versions page.
How is CUBA Studio 7+ licensed?
All functionality except visual development tools is free.
Visual development tools such as screen and data model designers are included into the commercial subscription. You will be offered a free trial at the first launch of CUBA Studio.
How is CUBA Platform licensed?
CUBA Platform is licensed under the open-source, non-restrictive Apache 2.0 license.
Will my CUBA applications be subject to any license limitations?
No. As CUBA Platform is distributed under Apache 2.0 license, it does not imply any substantial limitations on applications. CUBA Studio is only used at development time and is not required to run your application.
Can I use Studio after my subscription has expired?
Yes. Studio will revert to “free” mode but you will still be able to continue working on your project without visual tools.
CUBA Platform uses third party libraries. Where I can see the full list and how are these licensed?

The full list of libraries, used by the latest CUBA Platform releases, is provided here. The list of libraries, used in CUBA Studio, is available here.

All libraries we are using are distributed under open source, non restrictive licenses - like MIT, Apache 2.0, EPL, LGPL. We do not use libraries with ‘copyleft’ licenses like GPL.

Note: Add-ons developed by Haulmont provide integration with some products, which may have commercial license - like Google Maps or amCharts. It is your responsibility to make sure you use them properly.

All forks of third party libraries, used in CUBA Platform and Studio are distributed under the same license terms as the corresponding library.