Why not provide a Beta version before release?

Hi Team,

From the chinese forum,some developers have reported some obvious problem in Studio or Platform, like :

These issues make developers complain the product, on the other hand, if we provide a beta version ,these issues will be likely to be found and resolved before release .

Some issues are serious. For example , " studio-11-nosuchmethoderror-exception" ,this issue will make the Studio can’t works,and no any way to back to previous correct version, user have to stop works to process the issue of Studio,it is a bad experience.

So ,i think if can provide a beta channels , it will be good for CUBA‘s user experience.


Thank you for your feedback.

We will consider publishing beta Studio releases in the future. I agree that it can help to reduce number of defects in release versions. However in order to be successful, beta testing requires some number of enthusiastic community users to be involved and to spend their time on trying beta releases and posting bugs.

and no any way to back to previous correct version

There is a way to roll back to any previous Studio version.

  • Deinstall CUBA plugin from IDEA.
  • Go to JetBrains plugins repository: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7249-cuba/versions
  • Choose “Haulmont” channel and download previous release version (10.1-183).
  • Install downloaded .zip CUBA plugin by using a “gear icon” -> Install Plugin from Disk action in IDEA - Settings - Plugins window.

Additionally, regarding early testing. Currently we have a nightly builds channel which holds development snapshots and can be used for super-early testing: CUBA Studio 7 Nightly Builds Available

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