Roadmap for version 6.8

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The information on our roadmap and development plans is divided into two parts:

  • The first part is a list of ideas, which is available on the support forum. We highly appreciate new ideas and comments. Please, vote for the ideas you would like to see in the platform or Studio soon. Most liked ideas will be considered as highly prioritized candidates to be included in the roadmap.

  • The second part is our internal issue tracking system - YouTrack. It is available to everyone in read-only mode (unfortunately, we cannot give you write access because of YouTrack license restrictions). We will link forum topics to YouTrack issues so you will be able to track an issue history, milestone, fix version and so on.

The roadmap is actually a query to YouTrack, that selects important tickets, scheduled for a particular milestone. So it is dynamic and can change over time. Also, you can see features that have already been implemented. All implemented features of the core platform are available on GitHub.

Roadmap for release 6.8 (scheduled for January, 2018):

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