Platform and Studio 6.8 release candidates

(Konstantin Krivopustov) #1

The release candidates of platform and Studio version 6.8 are now available. It means that they are feature-complete and we are working on minor fixes and documentation. Please help us to find bugs and regressions by testing the RC with you projects!

You can download Studio here:

The platform 6.8.0.RC1 artifacts are available in both and repositories, so you will be able to use them with the new Studio.

The Release Notes and Developer’s Manual for version 6.8 are now work in progress, but they already contain the information on possibly breaking changes - please read them carefully.

We are looking for your feedback!

(mortoza) #2

Hi Konstantin
Do you also have RC macOS version ?

(Yuriy Artamonov) #3

The attached version is cross platform, installers / DMG packages will be published only with the final release

(mortoza) #4

Which file should run in mac? thanks for the hint.

(Konstantin Krivopustov) #5

Unzip the archive, go to studio-6.8.0.RC2/bin in Finder and open studio.

(Yuriy Artamonov) #6