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Make the pickerfield editable and when the user presses the tab key, try searching (using like condition) the instance name set of Entity. I use this mode in my erp sw (not developed in cuba) and it is very convenient for users, as it makes the operation very fast. For example, the average user remembers the most used codes of the Products entity, he directly enters the code and automatically searches and decodes the entity found. This could be done with the lookupfield, but it is not always possible, just because for example the product table could be too large to use the lookup.


It seems that SuggestionPickerField fits your requirement as it is designed to search for entity instances according to a string entered by a user.


Yes, true but SuggestionPickerField require code to fill option drop down, the write code all time (it wouldn’t be a problem), but other limit has that I can’t use SuggestionPickerField into filter component, place where this component has very helpful.

From the knowledge I have, only the lookup or pickerfield can be inserted into the filter component according to the statistics of the entity.

There is a big ticket regarding more usages of the wonderful SuggestionPickerField in other platform functionality such as generic filter: https://github.com/cuba-platform/cuba/issues/2040