Listener is running twice for single entry

(mortoza) #1

I had posted similar issue couple of years ago here and seems like facing it again. When I debugged it, noticed that the following piece of code is running twice and do not see any other Listener that may trigger it.

Here is my code in Listener:

public void onBeforeInsert(MaterialReceiptVendorLine entity, EntityManager entityManager) {
    crudUpdate(entity, "create");

    PurchaseOrderLine line = entityManager.merge(entity.getPurchaseOrderLine());


here is the codes called:

    private void crudUpdate(MaterialReceiptVendorLine entity, String crudAction){
        EntityManager em = persistence.getEntityManager();

        MaterialReceiptVendor materialReceiptVendor = em.merge(entity.getMaterialReceiptVendor());
        PurchaseOrderType purchaseOrderType = em.merge(materialReceiptVendor.getPurchaseOrderType());

        if(crudAction.equalsIgnoreCase("create")) {
            if (!purchaseOrderType.getPurchaseOrderCategory().equals(PurchaseOrderCategory.ASSETS)) {
                materialsManagementService.materialBalanceUpdate(entity.getMaterialReceiptVendor().getPlant(), entity.getMaterial(), entity.getQuantity(), "add");
                materialsManagementService.updateMaterialTranDetail("create", entity.getMaterialReceiptVendor().getPlant(), entity, null, null, null, null);
        }else ......

Service codes are attached.materialManagementService.txt (4.7 KB)
I do not have any Listener that may trigger change to this Entity (MaterialReceiptVendorLine).
Anyone has any suggestions?

(mortoza) #2

What I have noticed after further investigation (debug) that it is repeated when there is more than one composite Entity and both of them has entityListener.

(Konstantin Krivopustov) #5

Hi Mortoza,

BeforeInsertEntityListener is normally invoked for an entity instance once per transaction.
Could you reproduce the issue in a test project?