Java JDK License and CUBA platform

As we all know that the JDK version 11 or 12 license has some restriction in commercial use unlike before -

License Rights and Restrictions
Oracle grants You a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use the Programs, subject to the restrictions stated in this Agreement and Program Documentation, only for:

(i) Personal Use,
(ii) Development Use,
(iii) Oracle Approved Product Use, and/or
(iv) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Use.

Therefore, my question would be, if I use OpenJDK, will this work? Is there any limitation in using OpenJDK?

I’m using Amazon Corretto OpenJDK in development and production. It’s free and has no limitations.
No issues so far…

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You can use OpenJDK for free in production. It has GPL with Classpath exception license: It is completely free for users.

As an option, you can choose JVM from one of the vendors: Amazon Corretto, Zulu, or community builds from AdoptOpenJDK.

Thank you.

Suppose I use Amazon Corretto in my development environment but when I host in a server or cloud the java is from another source, say from Oracle or AdoptOpenJDK, that should work, right?

I Just have tested Amazon Corretto in my local machine (version 11). After I set this version to default JDK, the application is not running. It run when I have switched back to JDK8.

I have not tried version 11 yet.
Version 8 does work with platform 6 and 7.
What cuba platform version are you using? Version 6.x only works with JDK8.

I’m using V7 of CUBA platform