Is there a plan or roadmap for Vaadin upgrade?

Some developers ask about Vaadin version,we know ,the latest version of Vaadin is 13, and cuba using v 8.
Is there some roadmap for Vaadin upgrade?


First of all, Vaadin 8 will be supported until 2022 year, it is stable and mature.

We are not planning to upgrade V8 to V13, because it is not an upgrade. Vaadin 10+ is a different product written from scratch, it is not the same as Vaadin 8. Moreover, there is no migration path between them.

We will check how we can migrate to Vaadin 10+ this year, but there are no concrete dates yet.

Fortunately, it is possible for us because the framework provides its own layer of abstraction and API, however it requires a lot of resources.

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Hi, Yuriy
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I agree that it needs a lots of works to do, and the Vaadin 8 is stable and mature.
But newer version usually means that more reasonable architecture and more efficient for developing. And ,new technology stack can attracting more developers.
Any way , I think that i got a good news - the migrate is possible .
Uhhh, if it can be put on agenda, it will be a exciting news.

Vaadin has arrived at the 14 LTS version and makes it very attractive. In the last two years I have had experience with small projects in CUBA, and I consider it an excellent platform. In January 2020 our company will have to start with the development of a big project that will take us a couple of years. On the table we have various platforms, including CUBA and we should choose one.
Vaadin 8 and gwt, is a point that to the disadvantage of CUBA. Feedback on the future perspective regarding this aspect would be appreciated. For us it is a difficult choice, on the other hand we cannot afford that in a couple of years, when we would have completed the development and near the end of the Vaadin 8 support, the port to Flow could be done with so many breaking changes or with a new one product.

Yes, I’m in a similar pickle. The switch from 6 to 7 hasn’t been great for me unfortunately. The lack of stability in the new design tool along with the loss of Version 6+ functionality has been problematic. (I’ve pretty much mothballed the project).

I still think CUBA is a great tool for rapid development, but I would’ve still needed to develop a second front end for mobile use, and I’m not sure all the tools are in place for that.

Vaadin 14 won’t be as straightforward, but the new framework does look impressive, and with bindings to Spring Data and startup templates, I think it might be worth the hit to get a single front end that scales better.

Annoyingly, you can’t run the plugins for CUBA and Vaadin Designer in the same IntelliJ instance.

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Hi, as mentioned before Vaadin 10+ is a hugely different framework, primarily in terms of client-side. While server-side centric development is still the case, Vaadin 10+ has a new set of UI components (based on Polymer 2) which is still catching the GWT based version in terms of amount of components and community addons.

As new Vaadin is based on a completely new front-end tech stack there were a lot of changes and open questions (including bower-based dependencies, hot-deploy etc) since the initial release of Vaadin 10.
It seems that Vaadin 14 brings some important improvements including npm support (with Vaadin core components based on Polymer 2 being auto-converted to Polymer 3) and better development flow.

We started evaluating Vaadin 14 and hope to be able to come up with some certain decision within the next 1-2 months.


great, thanks

Hi @minaev - Do you have an update on when/if you will be implementing Vaadin 14 into Cuba Platform? We are very keen to switch to Vaadin 14 as the components look visually very appealing. Alternately, do you know of anyone who has themed the existing Vaadin 8 Cuba Platform to look like Vaadin 14 styles?


Hi, the RnD is currently in active phase, please wait a little bit, we’ll get back with a meaningful answer.

Alternately, do you know of anyone who has themed the existing Vaadin 8 Cuba Platform to look like Vaadin 14 styles?

We are also working on something new in terms of visual style.


This is fantastic news @minaev. Looking forward to the launch of the new styles! Our project will definitely make make use of them. Is there somewhere we can track the launch of them?

is there any news regarding the time planning to use Vaadin 14?

Hi all, please check the article in our blog regarding perspectives of the new Vaadin in CUBA UI.


One thing we can say for sure: as a consequence of the completely new client-side we’ll be unable to provide a smooth migration path to the new UI built on top of Vaadin Flow.

That’s a shame. I thought that using XML to define the screen layouts would make it easier to switch to Vaadin 10+

Great Article!

I just love CUBA but I when a think about the default themes, in my opinion, we need something with a better look like.

I don’t know, but maybe if you ask for a good UI designer to port some css from the newer Vaadin version, creating a fresh Cuba Theme, would be amazing!

Thanks and congrats for the great job you’re doing there. =)



XML will be as compatible as possible. The biggest issue here is the widget set, which cannot be mapped one to another…


Thank you for your feedback! As for look and feel - we are working on a new theme :slight_smile:. Hope you will like a new one!


Great news! Do you have an idea of delivery date or framework version? I’m already anxious. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

@arimolo, I hope @minaev can provide more precise information. From what I know designers have already started working on it.

Hi, we’ll get back with more info by the end of the month.
Meanwhile, here is the small teaser:


@minaev, great!
I think that all CUBA lovers are are excited with this news! :slight_smile: