Intellij lost a screen


My application just dropped a screen/folder from Intellij. There was a folder named Orders here that contained XML and Java controller files. It just disappeared. I tried Invalidate Caches/Restart, but that did not work. How do I get it back?




Well, I found the issue. This is in version 7.1.3. I tried to add a new facet for the data load coordinator. As soon as I typed in the section, the following was added to my namespaces:


As soon as I remove that line, all is well again. While that line exists, everything goes wrong (all the XML tags in my file turn red and the entire folder disappears from my project).

What is this XSD and why is it getting added as soon as I add a DataLoadCoordinator?

Hello @ericraskin

It seems that there is a bug in Studio. Just remove layout.xsd import.

I’ve filed an issue: YouTrack