Include report group as part of report information REST API

When I use the REST API for the Reporting module, I want to be able to group the reports on the clients side as per report grouping defined in the back-end. Kindly add the report group field/property to the JSON outputs for the two REST end points below.


Adding something related to the above request:

  1. Add a second report grouping field to report. This is will enable 2-levels of categorizing the reports which is necessary for an application with a lot of reports. The second field can be optional.
  2. Include parameter default value to the inputParameters object of the json returned by /rest/reports/v1/report/{id}. This is necessary for dynamic form generation in the client like React App, where you want to pre-populate a form field with the default value from the Cuba reporting module.


Thank you for your feedback. We have created an issue:

Thank you. I am eagerly waiting for this feature.