Helium Theme Custom Color


I have installed the new Helium theme and extended it to include custom colors. All seems to work when I am in the Theme Settings screen (ie custom colors showing correctly in the theme setting screen), however when a custom color is selected and applied it doesn’t actually change the application style which continues to show the default ‘Light’. Any suggestions on what I am missing?

I’ve attached a sample application.
listenertest2.zip (14.3 MB)



Custom color presets must be defined with & in the helium-ext.scss file, e.g.:

&.sky {

I’ve fixed Applying Custom Color Preset manual. Thank you for reporting the problem.

Also, you don’t need to define the light class name, since it’s the default preset and, in fact, has no class name added.

I’ve updated your project to fix all issues: listenertest2.zip (118.0 KB).


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Hi Gleb

Thanks for the super quick response. That has done the trick :+1:

With regards to the light class, sorry that’s my mistake as I originally set to it to .cobalt but thought I’d try setting it to .light just to see if I could override the default that kept appearing but forgot to change it back in the example project.

Thanks again for your help.