Having responsive components (such as Vaadin 12+)

Will Cuba-Platform eventually be based on the latest Vaadin ? (for example Vaadin 12+).
I wanted to know if one day it will innately offer responsive components (or mobile-first) out-of-the-box.


One day, I hope yes as I’m using the platform for a large and multi-year project as a product. I am an early adopter of any new releases during last few years of Cuba platform. However, I haven’t moved my project to the new platform 7 yet due to the fact that moving to Vaadin 8 has been a major change, therefore, the platform/studio needs more maturity and there are some productive feature that version 6.10 has is still missing. I am waiting for them to be in the new studio. Likewise, I believe the team is putting a lot of efforts getting there that we see through the number of bug fixes done so far by the team. I also have this feeling from the blog by one of the CUBA team members.

I fully agree and support your point that we should get there where the same UI is supporting both large and small screen devices without specific development. We all know why!



The answer why we don’t upgrade is here:

Thank you Gleb.
I have been checking out Cuba over the past few days and I understand what you are saying now that I have a better understanding of the Cuba-Platform

It has its own abstraction and I realize now that it does not need to follow Vaadin to continue providing the level of power that we are experiencing.

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