Geting token for Rest API throw exception


I tested the rest api, added config in :


And use postman to get the token:


The server throws exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: There is no PasswordEncoder mapped for the id “null”

Am i doing some thing wrong or missing some thing?

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Hi, since the 7.0 version the storage format for the property has been changed. Now if you explicitly define the value of this property in your project you should specify a password encoder id, e.g.:{noop}secret

The details are in the GitHub issue

We’ll add an information about it to the documentation to make things more clear.

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Hi, Max

Thanks for your reply.

I added the {noop} prefix,now the server return a error message :


The user for login is the admin provided by system.

Parameters must be passed not in the URL but in the request body:


Oh, now i got!

Thanks a lot.

Hi, @gorbunkov

I have created a issue in GitHub.

There is already a issue about that there:
This information was added to the documentation repository and will appear on the website soon