Developing Mobile app with CUBA at the server side

I am planning to develop a mobile app that will run on the CUBA master project as a server-side layer. I have no preference for the technology of choice rather want to decide at this stage which will be preferably easier to learn as a newcomer from java programming world.

The mobile app will be purely business application where database access to the server, CRUD function as well as maps/GPS resources to be used. Offline mode is preferred but not critically required

I know CUBA team has a sample app on Angular JS but it seems that this is no more a preferred language to integrate with since platform version 7 has the option to readily integrate with polymer2 (not polymer 3 yet) and react based front-ends.

I would appreciate your suggestion for:

  • What platform/language do you suggest. (preferred, “code once run everywhere - Anroid./iOS” but not essential if it is easy)
  • Suitable IDE (I am more pro to anything like CUBA screen designer+controller). I would prefer something simple and RAD tool if that exists

Looking forward to any comments and suggestions.

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Take a look at Flutter from Google -

Seems very promising.


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Hello Torben
I am exploring this, looks good as first impression.

Hi Community, feel free to comment and share your thoughts.