Designing Notification Feature

I’m using Cuba Platform for enterprise application development. In that i want to implement Notification Feature (As shown in the image). Can you pls guide me to implement the notification system into my application. I also want to know, how to persist the notification data with the cuba platform, and also read/unread capabilities.

The notifications could be a

  1. system notification - These are the messages being sent by the system. (or)
  2. user notification - These are the messages that are sent directly by other users.

V. Vimalkumar


did you tried this app component:

here’s an example on how to use the app component:

If you have any problem, feel free to ask :wink:



Hi Mario,
I will see to get this integrated into my own application. Thanks…

Hi Mario

not sure what I am missing, looking the cuba-example-immigration-processing example screen shots I don’t see the Messages menu entry ? as per documentation i understood it to mean after installing the user-inbox component it will automatically show on the users menu.

from my side after reading cuba-component-user-inbox readme

  1. I installed User Inbox v.0.6.0 from market place
  2. dependancy was added by studio into my gradle build file
  3. also installed cuba-component-declarative-controllers and studio added dependancy
  4. I updated web-screen.xml with:
<!-- or the side menu main window with messages badge -->
<screen id="mainWindow"

5.I then run the app, but the Messages menu entry does not show.

What other step needs to be done ?

I was expecting to see the Messages menu entry"


No Messages menu entry on example and also my app


Thanks in advance