Configuration Interfaces feature jmix details

From what I see in Jmix missing feature called “Configuration Interfaces”.
I wonder if it’s not yet implemented, or we need to use “jmix-cuba” in order to get this functionality?

Cuba docs:

Jmix will not have a one-to-one replacement for the Configuration Interfaces feature of the CUBA.

For APP and SYSTEM properties there is a replacement in the Spring Boot itself - TypeSafe Configuration Properties.
See doc:

You can see how Jmix framework uses Spring Boot configuration properties e.g. in this class: io.jmix.ui.UiProperties

To implement something like DATABASE property source, there is a separate ticket:

Applications migrating from CUBA are expected to add jmix-cuba compatibility addon where configuration interfaces are implemented to keep compatibility of the existing code.

Yep. I was talking exactly about saving to DATABASE. Looking forward for new Jmix add-on (as mentioned in the ticket).
Thanks for your response.