14 beta1 :The CUBA menu item can't show in main menu of IDEA

Hi Team,

I found ofttimes the CUBA menu item can’t show in main menu of IDEA,but the CUBA view tab works fine.

IDEA 2020.1,IDEA 2020.2
Studio 14 Beta1
Windows 10

We are aware of this bug.
It occurs sporadically, and we don’t know yet an exact reproduction scenario.
So probably it won’t be fixed even with upcoming release 14.0.
If you will somehow notice how to reproduce it reliably, we will be grateful if you would let us know.

Available workarounds: reopen the project or “refresh all projects” in Gradle tool window.

Hi @AlexBudarov,

Unfortunately ,for me ,it occurs frequently. I guess the unstable network environment will cause this problem. Because if i start a proxy tool before open a CUBA project, the menu will show correctly,Maybe Studio need to request a server that is blocked by GFW, if the request fail, Studio will don’t show the menu item.

Please let us know if you will encounter this glitch in the release version 14.0. We will try to find the cause of the problem and fix it.
The “is this a CUBA project?” function does not require network communication, it shouldn’t be the cause.

Hi @AlexBudarov,

The problem still exists after upgrade to Release 14 .
IDEA 2020.2
Studio 14-202
Windows 10

Hi, @lugreen.
An experimental fix will be in the next bug-fix release. You can now try the latest nightly build. It is only available on IDEA 2020.2
See: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/STUDIO-8789

Hi @zlatoverov
Will try, thanks.

Hi @zlatoverov,

Sorry for delay,
I tried the nightly build, but used Studio 15 due to i can’t find the version 14.
The CUBA menu item show correctly in Studio 15 .
If you can send a link for download 14,i can check again.


We have released Studio 14.1.
We have supposedly fixed disappearing of the CUBA menu in this version.
Please update and let us know if the glitch appears again.

Hi @AlexBudarov,

From a quick glance ,it works fine now. If the issue appear again, i will report.
Thank you.