6 months 1 week ago

There is no secret, that the world of software developers, especially Java developers, is full of keyboard maniacs who’d better type 10-15 letters over one mouse click. And our community is not an exception, therefore we've been frequently asked questions like "How can I start a project without CUBA Studio?" or "Is there light-weight free command line alternative to CUBA Studio?". So, good news everyone!




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7 months 7 hours ago

As you probably know, Vaadin is one of the most popular web frameworks on Java. Most recently a new release of this framework for web UI development was issued – Vaadin 10.

The creators state Vaadin Flow as a new Java web framework for modern web apps and websites development (I don’t quite believe them here). It’s a part of Vaadin Platform which replaces another product – Vaadin Framework, it enables to develop web apps (and to be more precise, web UI) using Web Components standard on Java.

At this point, everything must have mixed up in a reader’s head, all those Vaadin Bla Bla, framework, platform and so on. What’s going on?

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7 months 1 week ago

COBOL, 4GL, minicomputers… - this terminology sounds forgotten nowadays together with phonograph records and punch cards. Unbelievably, in the enterprise world you still can meet these dinosaurs functioning, especially in big companies like international banks or world-wide manufacturers.

Migrating legacy to modern tech stack has always been the core business and main expertise of Transformix - a software development company based in San Diego, CA. Mixing their vast experience in modernizing legacy software with CUBA Platform features they show great results in this area. Learn more about their experience in this article.

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7 months 2 weeks ago

Reading requirements for yet another web project for internal corporate use you (at least myself) usually see a pretty common set: well-defined data storage structure (or sometimes it’s an existing legacy DB), lots of forms for data entry, quite complex business logic, reporting and integrations with lots of existing corporate systems from accounting to supply management, thousands of concurrent users. What are your first thoughts?

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9 months 5 days ago

How secure a web application should be? Well, for many of us, web-developers, the question doesn't make much sense. "An application must be as secure, as it is possible. The more secure it is, the better". But it is not a definite answer. It doesn't help to form a security policy of a project. Moreover, sticking to just this single directive ("The more secure it is, the better") may prove to be an ill service. Why? That's what I'm going to discuss in this article.

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10 months 1 week ago

These days we are starting the Marketplace - an all-new ecosystem around CUBA platform. From now and on developers can pick & choose new features from an add-on catalog on our website to enrich their apps with no hassle. The catalog consists of the add-ons which were developed either by Haulmont or by CUBA community. Both free and paid components can be found there.

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11 months 2 weeks ago

As promised in my last post, we would like to announce our development plan for the year ahead. Of course, it contains only major features, with 100s of smaller improvements to come as well.

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11 months 4 weeks ago

No doubts, that web technologies and tooling for creating UIs are way more advanced than what we see in the desktop side. JavaFX is borrowing more and more CSS, but still far from being ideal; JNLP is officially deprecated in Java 9. This situation makes us think using web tech for desktop clients. So, is it achievable? And if yes, then how?

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1 year 11 hours ago

At the dawn of 2018 it is good time again to recap what has happened with CUBA Platform over the last year. While 2016 was revolutionary for us with going open source, 2017 was more about maturity: we focused on delivering new features and offering new services to the community.

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1 year 1 month ago

If you google "best java framework", most probably, you will stumble on this article, which gives a great overview about the landscape in the Java Enterprise world. However, from my point of view it lacks a very important thing - classification of the mentioned frameworks. Let's have a look at another angle at this ecosystem and go beyond the Java world.

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