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Premium Add-ons help to extend the capabilities of your application with minimum efforts and guaranteed results.

The Add-ons are licensed per developer and are included in the commercial version of CUBA Studio.
Using the Add-ons is easy: CUBA Studio will automatically add the required dependencies to your project.
You can continue using versions of the add-ons you downloaded during the subscription even after it has has expired.

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The Reporting add-on enables creating report templates in most popular editors like Microsoft Office and Libre/Open Office and defining data sources at runtime, using CUBA data model, SQL, JPQL or scripts. The add-on supports:

  • Building report templates visually at runtime with a step-by-step wizard
  • Generating reports in DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, HTML or in arbitrary text formats
  • Creating complex XLS(X) reports: multi-tiered reports, reports with data aggregation, crosstab reports
  • Using diagrams and formulas in XLS(X) reports
  • Converting reports in office formats or html to PDF

The reporting engine used in the add-on is open source and available on GitHub.

Online Demo

Business Process Management

The BPM add-on is based on the popular Activiti framework.

Key features:

  • Integrated visual designer
  • Integrated data model - Activiti data model is wrapped in CUBA entities, so you can easily use them in UI and business logic
  • Process forms - a convenient way to display process assignments and actions
  • UI to manage process designs, running instances and assignments
  • Sub-designs - existing process designs can be used as part of a larger process design
  • Localization
Documentation with tutorial

Charts and Maps

The Charts component of the add-on provides over 20 types of dynamic charts. Key features:

  • Basic charts: pie chart, bar chart, serial chart, funnel, etc
  • Advanced charts: stock chart, Gantt chart
  • Support for CUBA data model entities and data sources
  • Access to charts API from XML and server side Java code
  • Incremental chart data updates

Charts are based on the amCharts library. By default they contain a small watermark logo, which may be removed by purchasing a commercial license from amCharts.

The Map component comprises a special UI component that wraps Google Maps, providing:

  • Straightforward embedding in CUBA UI with server-side Java API
  • Support for markers, lines, polygons, circles and heatmaps
  • Overlay editing
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Full Text Search

Key features:

  • Adding full text search capabilities to your project in minutes
  • Search within database and uploaded files
  • Seamless FTS integration with generic filter to improve data filtering capabilities and limit search to a certain screen
  • Security restrictions control for search results
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