• YARG - Yet Another Report Generator.
  • YARG is a free open-source library under Apache 2.0 license, which is used for generating reports in various formats (DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, HTML, PDF).
  • YARG is a core component of the report generation module of CUBA platform. More than 200 companies use reports generated with its help.
  • With YARG, you can create templates with most popular editors (Microsoft Office and Libre/Open Office).
  • YARG is written entirely in Java and uses only opensource and free libraries. You can, therefore, freely redefine the report generation logic if necessary.
  • YARG can be easily integrated into your application to expand its functionality.
  • YARG can be used to create complex XLS and XLSX reports: multi-tiered reports, reports with data aggregation, crosstab reports.
  • With YARG you can use diagrams and formulas in XLS and XLSX reports.
  • YARG can be used as a standalone application, and you can generate reports from the command prompt.

Project code on GitHub

Report with Diagrams in XLSX

Multi-tiered Report in XLS