An open source Java RAD framework
for enterprise web applications

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Studio v.8.1  February 28
Platform v.7.0.2 March 11
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Develop full featured, scalable business applications faster

Easy Start
Download CUBA Studio and have your first application running in minutes! Studio automatically configures project dependencies, build scripts, database and application server.
Rapid Application Development
Design data model and user interface visually in CUBA Studio. Scaffold CRUD UI, database structure and event handlers. Write code in your preferred Java IDE.
Pre-built Components
Deliver functionality faster with data aware visual components and high-level features like data filtering and access control, user management, reporting, BPM, BI, full-text search and more.
Fitting Your Environment and Scale
Choose your preferred options from the most popular application servers, databases and cloud environments. Deploy applications to a single server or a highly available configuration.
Extensible and Open Architecture
Build solid enterprise applications with a clearly separated multi-tier architecture. Decompose applications into independent and reusable modules using extensions and application components.
Ideal for Modernizing Legacy Applications
Accelerate porting legacy applications to a modern full stack Java framework with a visual migration tool, scaffolding data model and CRUD UI on top of a legacy database.

The CUBA Platform is a stunning collaboration of best in class open source components, glued together with clever Haulmont developed libraries.The platform’s open-source components are widely adopted in the market so development resourcing isn’t a problem, it’s a true ‘RAD’ environment enabling quick prototyping and ‘quick win’ scenarios and fully supports production grade applications with enterprise level development processes.

Gary Brooks, CTO, Agile Network Systems Ltd., UK

Using CUBA Platform feels like rushing down the fast lane while still being always under control. It boils down to focusing on the problems we should really care about as application developers: the problems of the business. The creators of CUBA made this goal achievable while still allowing developers to open up the platform seams if necessary. Great work!

Mario David, Software Developer, BALVI GmbH, Germany

With CUBA Platform we found the development tool we were looking for. We always liked the security and robustness of Java, just needed to find a framework that would automate repetitive business tasks, with Cuba we found it. Another thing we like is the willingness of developers to incorporate the product proposals and improvements. If they continue like this, I have no doubt that CUBA will become a winning tool, even more than it already is.

José Alberto Sanchez Nieto, CIO, Hiper Usera, S.L., Spain

Experiences I have at present with CUBA Platform is very positive. CUBA Platform has the potential to allow beginners start with easy construction of a system then one can develop the system with more tailored personalization as the system evolves over time and the knowledge of programming of the system improves. Have nothing to say one that CUBA Platform is now the best system I've seen that are web based.

Kjell Dirdal, System Developer, NOMAC AS, Norway

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